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Sachin Tendulkar Discloses How He Would Bat Against Rashid Khan

Sachin Tendulkar Discloses How He Would Bat Against Rashid Khan
Rashid Khan (Credits: IPL)

Sachin Tendulkar is intently observing the ongoing IPL 2020 season. The little master is thoroughly impressed with the way Rashid Khan has continuously bamboozled several world-class batsmen. The leg spinner has so far scalped 17 wickets in 12 matches and has again risen as a match-winner for Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Rashid has once again been unplayable during IPL 2020 and has single-handedly won matches for SRH. Tendulkar recently described the qualities that make the spinner from Afghanistan a world-class bowler.’

Rashid Khan Is A World Class Bowler- Sachin Tendulkar

According to Tendulkar, Rashid is always one step ahead of the batsman and bowls a well-disguised ‘goggly’ that very few pick. The batsman is always playing a guessing game when facing Rashid as his variations are extremely tricky to recognise.

“Rashid is a world-class bowler. I’ve never played him but whatever I’ve seen & heard about him, the way he disguises his googly, very few batsmen can pick it. So, with a world-class bowler, you can never guess what ball he’s going to bowl I’ve never played him so whenever I’ve seen him, it is the rear angle that I see him from,” said Tendulkar on his YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, further Tendulkar explained how he would have batted against the champion leg spinner. The little master stated that the most important thing is always to see the bowlers grip while facing the ball. He further added that he would have also carefully observed the run-up and his arm before facing him. Eventually, Tendulkar added that he would love to face Rashid Khan someday and take a few more pointers.

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“It’s important to see the bowler’s grip, bowlers also hide their grip many times. One thing they can’t hide is how they release the ball. This way or that way, all this happens very quickly. But sometimes, you take some time to pick what the bowler is trying to do. I’d observe his run-up, how his arm is when he bowls”, he added

“You’d get some pointers what’s happening, even in the air which way the ball is spinning. I’ve never played him so I can’t precisely tell you that– ‘Yes this is the way to play him’. You don’t know till you play him. Maybe I can request him to bowl at me in the nets so I can understand his bowling”, Tendulkar concluded

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