Home Cricket News Sachin Tendulkar Was Stunned When He Saw Sushant Singh Rajput Batting – Kiran More

Sachin Tendulkar Was Stunned When He Saw Sushant Singh Rajput Batting – Kiran More

Sachin Tendulkar Was Stunned When He Saw Sushant Singh Rajput Batting – Kiran More
Sushant Singh Rajput,

The entire country was in shock yesterday when the death news of Sushant Singh Rajput broke out. The actor, at just 34, had already played several memorable roles in his movies. His portrayal of MS Dhoni in the biopic M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story will forever be remembered. Former wicket-keeper-batsman Kiran More had trained Sushant for the movie.

The actor worked immensely hard for the film and results showed on the silver screen as the biopic of Dhoni became a blockbuster. More, worked on every aspect with Sushant and made sure he looked a carbon copy of Dhoni in the film.

Sushant Singh Rajput stunned Sachin Tendulkar

Kiran More was shocked after hearing about the tragic loss of Sushant yesterday. He revealed that once when Sachin Tendulkar saw Sushant batting while practising for the role he was completely stunned.

Sushant was seen playing Dhoni’s iconic helicopter shot when Tendulkar spotted him on the training ground. Tendulkar was so impressed that after the practice he asked More about Sushant. When the little master got to know that the actor was preparing for a role for his movie he was surprised. Sachin Tendulkar told More that he can even play professional cricket his batting looked so good.

Sushant Singh Rajput MS Dhoni Helicopter shot
Sushant Singh Rajput getting ready to hit his iconic Helicopter shot

“I remember the moment when Sachin Tendulkar was left stunned when he saw Sushant Singh Rajput batting. Sushant was working on a biopic of MS Dhoni and I was asked by the director Neeraj Pandey and the producer Arun Pandey to coach him on wicket-keeping and batting.

A few weeks into the training, I remember Sushant practising the famous Helicopter shot of Dhoni. That’s when Tendulkar came to the training ground at BKC Bandra, a Mumbai suburb,” More told Indian Express.

“Tendulkar was watching from the gallery and when I met him later, after practice, he asked me, “who is this boy? He is batting so well. Itni achi batting kar rah hai!” I told him that it’s the actor Sushant, who is preparing for a biopic on Dhoni. Tendulkar was so shocked and said, “he can play proper professional cricket if he wants to. He seems that good,” he added.

Sushant Singh Rajput spent several months in trying to master Dhoni’s playing style, body language, the way he talks etc. He was a cricket fanatic and a huge MS Dhoni fan. The former Indian captain was also a part of the film’s promotion with Sushant.

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