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Sanjay Bangar Reveals How MS Dhoni Became A Legendary Finisher

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MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni has been having a quiet IPL 2020 with the bat but there’s no denying that he’s a legendary finisher. Throughout his successful 15 years international career, Dhoni’s strength to consistently win matches separated him from the rest.

During the initial phase of his career, he was a destructive stroke player that only intended to hit boundaries. Once he became a regular part of team India he quickly realised the importance of playing according to the situation.

MS Dhoni Used To Write On His Thigh Pad – Sanjay Bangar

Recently form Indian cricketer Sanjay Bangar revealed one interesting story that made Dhoni an all-time great finisher. Bangar pointed out that a young Dhoni would write about singles and doubles that reminded him how needed to build his innings to finish off a match.

“I came to know recently as to how in his formative years because he is such a hitter of the ball, has that natural ability to clear – Dhoni curbed his natural instinct. He used to write on his thigh pad 1, 2 , Tick Tick and 4, 6, Cross Cross,” Bangar was quoted as saying on Star Sports.

“So, every time he would go out to bat, and he’d be putting on his thigh pad, he’d probably have a look at that. It would remind him that he has to follow a process. And that is how by running those one and two he became such a great finisher”, he stated.

Meanwhile whenever the debate about the greatest finishers in white-ball cricket arises names of MS Dhoni and Micheal Bevan stand out. Sanjay Bangar added that both these great finishers had an important common trait and that was to take singles and doubles. By doing this they were able to get set and then execute big strokes that helped them finish countless matches.

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“Most finishers in world cricket have realised the importance of singles, doubles. You look at Michael Bevan, look at MS Dhoni. They have this thing in common, which helps them win cricket matches. It’s not those fours and sixes. And that is the process that MS Dhoni follows,” he added.

Furthermore, Dhoni is currently busy with IPL 2020 where he’s leading the Chennai Super Kings. This has been an unusual season for Dhoni and his men. After their 10 league matches, they are currently placed at the bottom of IPL table with only 3 wins.

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