Shakib Al Hasan Fears Trust Issues From Teammates as He Returns From One-Year Ban

Shakib Al Hasan completed his one-year ban on October 29. (Credit: Getty Images)

Premier Bangladesh all-rounder Shakib A Hasan completed his one year ban stamped on him by the ICC last month. The ban ended exactly on October 29 as he was allowed to participate in competitive cricket. The ICC banned, the former Bangladesh skipper for failing to report the approach of bookies during a tri-series involving Bangladesh Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe in 2018. He also did not report the approach of bookies in the 2018 IPL. He also said that the ban was a blessing in disguise for him as it allowed to return back as a more matured person.

In an interaction with Cricbuzz, Shakib Al Hasan said that his teammates might not trust him completely after the shameful act that he has committed. He further said that losing the trust of his teammates is something that he feared with his ban coming to an end.

Shakib Al Hasan Fears Trust Issues From Teammates Post Ban Return

It’s a difficult question (whether they will doubt me) because I am not sure what is going through anyone’s mind. They can doubt me or have no trust in me and I don’t disapprove it totally,” said Shakib.

Shakib further said that the time off from the game due to the ban has helped him return as a better person as well. He said that he would not have understood the gravity of the mistake he committed had he not suffered this ban.

“Unless I struggled like this I wouldn’t have learnt this way. When a man comes back from this situation he is much more matured. Now I think differently than before and it will surely help me in my life,” he said.

“I don’t know what gave me the most courage but when I heard the news (of the ban) I was shocked and sorry but at the same time I was thinking life has given me a chance. I have one year to prepare myself and when I come back I need to prove again,” Shakib finally concluded saying.

Shakib Al Hasan played the ICC Cricket World Cup last year scoring 606 runs in just 8 matches at an average of 86.57 and a strike-rate of 96.03. He hit two hundreds and five fifties as 2019 was the best year of his career by far.