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Shikhar Dhawan”s tweet to Shoaib Malik is winning hearts

India versus Pakistan rivalry I”ve always believed has never got too big on the players that participate on the field, as much players want to beat each other on the field through their cricket but its a rivalry that has gained more fire because of the fans, the two passionate cricket following countries and our historical  & political relevance.

I”ve always been asked what if just like the Ashes there was an India versus Pakistan series played every two years and the guesswork by many is the expectations that they”ll see the fiery, at time cruel banter & sledding even off the field, all that is absolutely wrong to expect.

Let me tell you, Ashes is a cultural rivalry, the colonial era differences between the Great Britain & Australia has turned it into a battle.

India & Pakistan though, share the same kind of cultures, the traditions. The music is similar, food its spices and much much more.. we are all same and that”s why our rivalry which has gained fuel because of the political indifference off the field has never left its impressions on the players of the two countries.

One example of this feeling happened recently, Shoaib Malik Pakistan”s right-hand batsmen were playing in NewZealand and while batting one ball thrown by the fielder hit him accidentally on his head, at the time it seemed a serious injury buy thankfully it turned out to be not.

As Shoaib himself clarified through this nice tweet,

After a while though, Shikhar Dhawan the left-handed Indian batsmen checked with his Pakistani mate as to how he”s feeling, through this much-appreciated tweet.

The tweet by Shikhar went viral in a jiffy and was very well appreciated by everyone and fans across the two borders, the two tangible borders, which perhaps have not existed for at least the players from the two nations.

In fact, Shoaib replied to Shikhar “s tweet with a hug emoticon.

The over empowering friendly gesture and the emotion it carried is a lesson for everyone.

India”s & Pakistan”s cricketers have always come across quite friendly and warmth can be seen in the relationship between the players at least.

– by Kashish Chadha