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Shoaib Akhtar Opens Up On Altercation With Harbhajan Singh During Asia Cup 2010

Shoaib Akhtar
Shoaib Akhtar and Harbhajan Singh Credit: ESPNCricinfo)

India and Pakistan have always produced high-intensity games. At times, the pressure on the field gets the better of the cricketers and they end up having altercations in the field. Recently, former Pakistan speedster Shoaib Akhtar opened up on one such altercation with Harbhajan Singh during the Asia Cup 2010 tie.

Meanwhile, the incident dates back to the last decade when India were chasing a stiff total. Batting with Praveen Kumar, Harbhajan Singh had the responsibility to take his side home. He deposited an Akhtar delivery over long-on for a huge six in the 47th over.

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Upset by the six, Shoaib Akhtar dished out a couple of bouncers directed towards Harbhajan’s rib-cage and also exchanged a few words. The cricketer from Indian contingent was not the one back away and the verbal altercation continued between the two till the last over of the game.

Harbhajan Singh deposited another monstrous six off Mohammad Amir to take India home. It followed a vibrant celebration as he screamed some more followed by a tight hug to the non-striker.  However, the roar was directed more to Shoaib Akhtar with whom he had a fight.

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The former Pakistan cricketer who is known for calling a spade a spade recently opened on that altercation. Spilling the details, Akhtar said he had chased Harbhajan till his hotel room to continue the fight. However, he couldn’t find the India cricketer and had to return empty-handed.

“I went looking for Harbhajan Singh in the hotel room to fight with him. He eats with us, roams around with us in Lahore, culture is similar to us, he is a Punjabi brother and yet he will misbehave with us? I thought I will go and fight with him in the hotel room.

He knew that Shoaib was coming. But I couldn’t find him. I calmed down the next day and he had also apologised,” said Shoaib Akhtar in a video interview on Helo app.

However, both Harbhajan Singh and Shoaib Akhtar have come past that incident and now share a cordial relationship. They also often engage on social media giving a sneak peek of their relationship to the fans.

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