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Skyesports Launch Their Own Esports Talent Management Agency

Skyesports Launch Their Own Esports Talent Management Agency

Since its launch in November 2018, Skyesports has made esports more accessible to gamers in India with regional competitions and multilingual broadcasting for their favourite tournaments. Now, the company is aiming to revolutionize the industry once again and is excited to reveal its new talent management agency, Sky Route.

“We identified a huge gap between brands and South Indian creators in the market and intend to be the bridge between them,” said Shiva Nandy, the CEO, and founder of Skyesports.

“Our vision is to give the required exposure to the creators from South India while also working with teams from the country. There are over 200 creators who will start this journey with us,” he added. 

Besides the South Indians creators, Sky Route also aims to sign esports teams from across the country. Currently, over 200 creators and teams have signed with the talent management agency to benefit from exposure and accessibility to different brands and sponsors. This includes Hyderabad-based Velocity Gaming, Blind Esports from Cochin alongside popular creators like PVS Gaming, Gaming Tamizhan, Vaadhiyar, and more.

“So happy to announce our partnership with Sky Route, a brand of Skyesports, said Manoj Kashyap, the owner of Velocity Gaming.

“Sky has always been a pioneer in the esports industry and has innovative ideas to promote the grassroots level of gaming in India. With this new talent management branch, I am sure they will help a lot of players and creators in the esports industry to have a sense of security and support them to pursue their passion. We at Velocity Gaming are very happy to be under Sky and are 100 percent sure going forward that our passions and dreams will be fulfilled with Sky Route,” he continued. 

The creators who have signed with Sky Route boast an impressive combined following of over 25 million subscribers on YouTube.

Sky Route will not only benefit the creators but also provide a convenient way for brands to target the untapped potential that India’s regional markets possess. The agency will be leveraging Skyesports’ extensive experience in conducting tournaments and interacting with gamers at the grassroots level to accomplish this goal.

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