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Virat Kohli Reveals Why He Admires Cristiano Ronaldo Over Lionel Messi

Virat Kohli Reveals Why He Admires Cristiano Ronaldo Over Lionel Messi
Virat Kohli. Photo Credit: (Twitter/BCCI)

Virat Kohli has often weighed in who he likes the most among the football fraternity. He is said to be one of the greatest batsmen of this generation. Kohli stated that he admires Cristiano Ronaldo. The Indian captain added that the thing that he likes the most about Ronaldo is the fact that even though people have disregarded what he has done, Ronaldo has the mental strength to keep doing what he does.

Recently Virat Kohli was quizzed by Dinesh Karthik on this subject. Kohli admitted that Lionel Messi might have better natural ability, but Ronaldo has shown the incredible discipline to remain at the top of the sport for fifteen years.

Speaking to Dinesh Karthik on Sky Sports, Virat Kohli said:

“The thing I admire about him (Ronaldo) is that he has probably had people disregarding a lot of what he has done over the years, and just his mental strength to keep going and being the best in the world.

I agree Messi has more natural ability, but for this guy to do what he has done day in and day out and to keep that kind of discipline and stay at the top of his game for fifteen years, for me that is the epitome of professionalism and discipline and what mindset can do to an individual. Every time he plays, people know that something special could happen, and that is what I admire about him,” said Kohli.

Meanwhile, Virat Kohli has undergone massive changes to be at the top of fitness. He also left some of his favourites dishes to give his 100 percent on the cricket field.

Virat Kohli Recalls His Old Eating Habits

Virat Kohli Flaunts His Perfect Physique
Virat Kohli Flaunts His Perfect Physique (Credit: Twitter)

Virat Kohli is a name that has become synonymous with fitness. He is an inspiration to many youngsters around the world. The Indian captain was not always this fit back in the day. In a conversation with Dinesh Karthik Virat Kohli shed light on his eating habits.

“I was very chubby… I used to eat everything back then, chicken fried rice was my regular with chilly chicken,” revealed Kohli.

Virat Kohli admitted that he misses those days but he is lucky that he realized that he needed to change and was able to play at the highest level. Talking about the moment that changed his life and career, Kohli revealed that it was after IPL 2012 where he felt ashamed to see himself in such a bad shape in the mirror.

“Everything about my diet and training changed from next day onwards and it became an obsession,” said Kohli. 

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