Yesterday, Sourav Ganguly shared that Asia Cup 2020 has been called off. The event was scheduled to take place in September this year. However, Media director of the Pakistan Cricket Board, Samiul Hasan Burney affirmed that the final decision on Asia Cup’s fate will be decided by ACC (Asian Cricket Council).

Hasan added that Ganguly’s judgment on the Asia cup does not hold any weight or merit. The BCCI President during a live Instagram live session with ‘Sports Tak’ declared the cancellation of the Asia Cup. Ganguly although did not reveal any details on why the event is being called off but one of the reasons could be the failure to select the host nation.

ACC will decide the fate of Asia Cup 2020

“In December, we have the first full series. Asia Cup 2020 has been called-off which was scheduled to take place in September,” Ganguly told ‘Sports Tak’.

It was expected that the PCB will react strongly to Sourav Ganguly’s claim as they still hope that the Asia Cup gets a window and takes place this year. The news of IPL happening instead of the T20 World Cup and Asia cup also hasn’t impressed PCB. According to PCB media manager Hasan, the schedule of the next ACC meeting is still yet to be announced.

Asia Cup PCB cancelled

Asia Cup last took place in 2018

“The decision regarding the Asia Cup will be taken by the ACC. The announcement can only be made by the president of the Asian body Nazmul Hasan. To the best of our knowledge, the schedule of the next ACC meeting is yet to be announced,” said Hasan.

For the past few months, the BCCI and PCB have often had a conflict of opinions regarding the Asia Cup 2020. With IPL being the most prominent T20 league in the world the BCCI is still positive about playing it later this year.

On the other hand, the PCB is still firm on their stand and wants the Asia Cup to be prioritised over the IPL. Even BCB CEO Nizamuddin Chowdhury also reckons that Asia Cup still has a chance to go ahead.

“As far as I am concerned, ACC management is working on Asia Cup 2020. They are also exploring other options if the tournament cannot be hosted on scheduled time,” he said.