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Sunil Narine Retires From International Cricket

Sunil Narine Retires From International Cricket

­On November 5th Sunil Narine, the West Indies spinner made an announcement by announcing his retirement from international cricket. This marks the end of a career that spanned across formats of the game.

He played in 65 One Day Internationals (ODIs) 51 Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is) and 6 Test matches contributing to the success of the West Indies cricket team. Throughout his time representing his country Sunil Narine consistently displayed his skills.

Proved himself as a force, on the field. His ability to consistently take wickets and contribute to his team was highly regarded by both fans and experts alike. In total he claimed a tally of 165 wickets across all formats.

One of the highlights of Sunil Narines career was undoubtedly his role in West Indies triumphant campaign at the 2012 T20 World Cup. His exceptional spin bowling played a part in securing victory for the team cementing his reputation as a cricketer, on the international stage.

Sunil Narine chose to share news of his retirement with his supporters, fellow players and loved ones through a message posted on Instagram.
In this message he conveyed his gratitude.

Expressed his deep appreciation, for the support he has received throughout his remarkable journey in cricket. His decision to retire from cricket not signifies the end of an era but also evokes emotional responses from fans and fellow cricketers who have been avidly following his career and admiring his skills.

As Sunil Narine bids farewell to cricket he leaves behind a lasting legacy of spin bowling and a profound impact on West Indies cricket. Fans and the entire cricketing community will forever cherish his contributions to the sport.

While this retirement marks the close of one chapter in his career it also paves the way, for opportunities and exciting adventures. Fans eagerly anticipate witnessing Sunil Narines endeavors in the captivating realm of cricket.

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