Suresh Raina Removed From CSK’s WhatsApp Group After Exit – Reports

Suresh Raina removed from CSK's whatsapp group (Credit: Twitter)

Chennai Super Kings stalwart Suresh Raina pulling out of IPL 2020 came as a massive setback to the franchise and their millions of fans. Since then, a lot of theories have surfaced on social media. While both parties have denied such claims, recent reports suggest that CSK has removed Suresh Raina from their WhatsApp group following his exit.

After his international retirement, Raina was gearing up the illustrious tournament. However, after landing in the UAE, COVID-19 fear gripped which forced Suresh Raina to pull out. Soon after his departure, CSK owner made controversial comments which hinted at a rift between the cricketer and the management.

Raina removed from CSK’s WhatsApp group

While N Srinivasan later said that he comment was blown out of proportion, Raina also maintained that things are fine between them. He stated that it was difficult for him to stay without his family and thus, he returned to the country.

“I have a young family back home and I was concerned about the fact that if something happened to me,” Raina said. “My family is most important to me and I am really concerned for them during these times. I haven’t seen my kids for more than 20 days, even after coming back, since I am in quarantine,” Raina said to Cricbuzz. 

Raina removed from CSK's WhatsApp group

Suresh Raina removed from CSK’s WhatsApp group (Credit: Twitter)

While both parties have tried to pacify the current situation, it is far from getting over. According to a report in InsideSport, the 33-year-old has been removed from the WhatsApp group. However, he has apologised for his conduct.

“Once he left, he has been removed from CSK’s WhatsApp group. He has reached out to team-management including CEO, MS Dhoni and Coach Fleming and is looking for a chance to return,” the source said.

Meanwhile, Suresh Raina has hinted that he might rejoin the squad any time and is continuing his training. Also, Chennai Super Kings have not announced any replacements for him which can go in his favour.