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The Future Stars Of The IPL

The Future Stars Of The IPL

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is undoubtedly the world’s premier brand of cricket. Some of the top players are already there. Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli lead the list of superstars, but what’s more important about the IPL is that it gives India solid ground for the national team thanks to emerging superstars.

It has been a breeding ground for future cricket stars, and that’s remained the case. The IPL is always a relevant cricket league, with many players emerging as future stars. This year’s edition is already underway, and experts think we already have a new young set of superstars forming in the league.

Here are the future stars of IPL:

Ishan Kishan

Ishan Kishan the next big batting name in Indian cricket? That’s a definite yes if you ask Anil Kumble. Speaking at a recent panel discussion, he praised the emerging superstar stating that he’s been wonderful with the opportunities he got so far. Kishan is a 24-year-old player for the Mumbai Indians, where he plies his trade as a batsman and wicketkeeper. His great performances have not gone unnoticed as he made his debut for India in 2021.

He’s been a major show at online betting sites too, often being picked as the leading favourite for a top batsman in matches and series. You can watch his matches through your favourite betting app and see how good he is. Considering he’s been the mainstay for the Indians as of late, Kishan’s odds as a top batsman might be truly good. You should also pay attention to India’s matches as he’s gaining more playing time and his confidence is rising.

Ishan Kishan Mumbai Indians
Photo: IPL

One of the most surprising things about Ishan Kishan is that he comes out of Jharkhand, a place that only has one big name in the history of cricket – the iconic MS Dhoni. What’s not surprising is that he was Kishan’s favourite player while growing up and the reason why he became a wicket-keeping batsman. His highlights so far include a 210 for India in the December 2022 win against Bangladesh.

In that game, Kishan broke a record, registering the fastest double ton in the national team. It’s clear that his star will shine brighter than ever, so keep an eye on him in the IPL.

Arshdeep Singh

Aged 24 like Kishan, Arshdeep Singh may be the future of the IPL franchise according to many. While he’s still way off the highest-paid players in the Indian Premier League, Singh may rise on that list fast enough. His left arm is stunning as a cricket bowler for the Punjab Kings, and many experts have pointed at him as the future of the IPL.

How good is he? Singh made his debut for the national team in July 2022, bowling a maiden over on his debut. That’s not something that happens often – he’s now only the third player in India’s history to perform that feat. As a member of the U-19 squad, his bowling helped India lift the World Cup in 2018. After making just three appearances for the Kings in his debut season, he started getting more playing time and eventually got the King’s leading wicket-taker position.

The team repaid him by retaining Singh during the mega auction where several teams were vying for his sign. At the 2022 Asia Cup, he was India’s death bowler and was one of the standout performers. He entered the T20 International World Cup as one of India’s best players, and his name will be heard more and more about in the future.

Tilak Varma

Most iconic Indian players and cricket experts agree on one thing – Tilak Varma has a legendary career ahead of him. Still only 20, the Mumbai Indians player has shown flashes of brilliance in the IPL and India opportunities he’s been getting so far. Having made his debut for Hyderabad, Varma did enough in his career to be spotted by the Indians.

They didn’t waste time to get Tilak Varma to a stacked roster at the mega auction in 2022. That’s saying something – if the Indians pick your name from the list, you’re probably doing something right.

Performing an artist bit on a point with the Indians against his previous team, the Sunrisers, a few months ago made him a viral hit. That earned him a few rave reviews from fellow players Rohit Sharma and Tom Moody. Both heaped praise on the youngster, with Sharma suggesting that playing that way at his age will see him picked up by different teams.

The sky’s the limit for Varma after those words, and being only 20, we’re eager to see what he does next.

Umran Malik

Still only 23, Malik was selected as one of the three net bowlers for SunrisersHyberabad for the 2021 IPL. Months later, he gained fame after bowling five bowls against Royal Challengers Bangalore, each one of them going over 150 kmph. That earned him a spot as India’s net bowler for the upcoming T20 World Cup.
During the 2022 season, Malik took his first five-wicket haul in T20 cricket.

Umran Malik
Umran Malik

He was named an Emerging Player at the tournament, and at that point, it was clear it was his time to shine. His fast bowling made him a starter for India T20 and ODI matches. In his first ODI, he easily dismissed New Zealand’s Devon Conway. Malik was rightfully retained by Hyberabad at the 2022 IPL mega auction, with the team unwilling to part ways with a potentially iconic player.

Vivrant Sharma

Sharma burst onto the scene with his iconic batting performance at the 2022-23 Vijay Hazare Trophy. Playing for Jammu & Kashmir, he had 395 runs in the tournament at an average of 56.42. Those performances didn’t go unnoticed, and Sharma was signed by the Sunrisers.

Still only 23, he’s a leg spin bowler whose name we’ll hear more of in the future. He may not have had that many opportunities so far, but once he starts getting them, he’ll sure show his indisputable talent and knowledge. As it seems, the IPL might have a Sharma superstar for decades to come.

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