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“There Was No Need Of Public Clarification From BCCI President”: Sanjay Manjrekar On Virat Kohli Captaincy Debate

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Former Indian cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar has said that the BCCI President was not required to give any clarification after the removal of Virat Kohli as the ODI skipper of the Indian team. He further said that it was the job of the selectors to state the reason behind it. He further said that the Indian team with three different captains would have been a mess.

Talking to Times Now, Sanjay Manjrekar felt that the entire conversation regarding the change of captain debate should have been between the selectors and Kohli and the selectors. He also cited an example of Ricky Ponting to elaborate his point.

“Three different captains for three formats is not an ideal scenario but if you are left with no choice and that’s gonna get the best out of the three teams, then so be it. The one very important member of the Indian cricket administration is a guy who doesn’t quite get the attention that he deserves. And that’s the chairman of selectors,” Manjrekar told Times Now.

“So I don’t know why there should have been a conversation publicly or any statement given by the president of the BCCI when really it is the job of the chairman of the selection committee,” he added before explaining his view with recalling the moment when Ponting was removed from captaincy and reminded that the entire bit was clarified by the then chairman of selectors of the Australian team.

Manjrekar’s comments came just a day after former Indian skipper Dilip Vengsarkar also criticised Sourav Ganguly for getting involved in the matter around the Kohli captaincy debate and coming out with a statement.

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“Ganguly had no business to speak on behalf of the selection committee, any issue about selection or captaincy, it’s the chairman of the selection committee who should speak” he said to Khaleej Times.

Manjrekar also highlighted the underlying tension of miscommunication of the Indian cricket board over the years with its players.

“Miscommunications and all the misunderstandings, everything has been happening over the years. It should have been the chairman of the selection committee versus Virat Kohli. That would have been the right way to go about it. That would have been a more professional exterior,” Manjrekar concluded saying.

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