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Top 10 Indian Cricketers And Their Ex-Girlfriends

Indian Cricketers Ex-Girlfriends

Crickets is like a religion in India and cricketers are without question the most influential people in our country. Everyone in India aspires to be a cricket player it is inbuilt in our DNA. Once a player represents India, the glitz and glamour also follow and it becomes a part of his lavish lifestyle. 

Today fans are interested in every possible detail about their favourite players. The topics which hog the most spotlight is regarding the girl-friends of cricketers. Well, sometimes when the relationships break it creates even more murmur and give a hot topic of discussion to everyone.

 In this feature, we’ll look ahead at the 10 Indian cricketers and their ex-girlfriends. Even though these relationships may have been in the past but they are yet talked which still keeps everyone hooked. 

Top 10 Indian Cricketers And Their Ex-Girlfriends

1. Rohit Sharma-Sofia Hayat

Rohit Sharma and Sofia Hayat

Well, the dating rumours of Rohit Sharma and Sofia Hayat has to take the top honours. Way back in 2012, the buzz was about elegant Indian batsman Rohit Sharma is seeing hot model Sofia Hayat. 

Several pictures were also seen of the two partying together which further indicated that the two are dating. All those years back, Sofia accepted that she and Rohit were in a relationship but broke off after a few months. 

However, Rohit completely denied it and even scorned to admit Sofra as his friend when the media asked questions about the two. 

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