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Top 5 Cricket Matches Of The Decade (2012-2022)

Top 5 Cricket Matches Of The Decade (2012-2022)

The new decade burns many new challenges in the cricket scene. However, we saw many incredible moments during the last decade. Starting from 2010, there were nine crucial tournaments. Bettingguru shares information about sports betting, which gained massive popularity during the season. With so many amusing matches, we had to pick the top five ones.

#1 India vs Bangladesh (2016 T20 World Cup)

The 2016 World T20 imposed expectations that India would win against Bangladesh. However, things took another turn, and India scored only 146 points. Mushfiqur Rahim Cord impressive three balls, which announced the victory.

However, it seems like they celebrated way too early. Hardik Pandya kept up with the game, with two wickets in the next few minutes. Only one run was needed for India to win and secure this place in the Semi Final.

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#2 New Zealand vs South Africa (2015 World Cup)

Eden Park hosted a fantastic match that will be remembered for years. New Zealand was a strong opponent. It is enough to tell that they haven’t lost a game in the 2015 World Cup. But this game has been an excellent example of passion for this sport.

With 281 runs, they had a pretty good chance, intending to achieve 298. During The game, they missed some wickets, which led to a dramatic turnover. However, South Africa lost some wickets too. Grant Elliott amazed everyone with his performance, resulting in a win.

This match will be remembered among the cricket fans of both countries, with lots of dramatic moments. Elliott has announced the most extraordinary plate in ODIs of all times. One of the best memories of this match is him helping Steyn when he was lying on the ground.

#3 Sri Lanka vs South Africa (1st Test, 2019)

Sri Lanka vs South Africa in the 1st Test 2019 is an unforgettable match that shouldn’t be excluded from this list. Sri Lanka had just lost a game against Australia, a barely easy game where their opponent didn’t need to put much effort to win.

Soon at 206/5 chasing 304 to win this game. However, the euphoria lasted for a short. They lost with 4/20 playing an amusing match that provoked emotions.

Kusal Perera was Sri Lanka’s best innings of all time, which was the main factor for the excellent performance.

#4 The Ashes 3rd Test

During the first innings, England won Australia with 179. With being ruled for 67, this was an embarrassing match for England. In the second dig, things got pretty tough. They started well but failed to keep up the dynamic pace, losing four wickets.

The second dig was something different, as Australia had 246 runs. It was pretty tricky for England, as they needed to win 359 runs.

#5 England vs New Zealand (ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Final)

The final game had intense emotions and was declared the best ODI of all time. With 241 runs, New Zealand was the first batter. England had regular wickets, and the most prominent players showed off their outstanding performance.

Ben Stokes had an innings that was quite promising and was believed to save the game. The fans watching the game were pretty amazed by how he gave everything to win. His runs and shots were pretty impressive and will remain in fans’ memory for years.

As the game was about to end, the outcome was obvious. However, New Zealand lost by the boundary count. The result was very intense, and the emotions were mixed/ however, this was an impressive game that will be remembered for a long time.

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