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Top 5 Fighting Comebacks by Indian cricketers

  1. Sachin Tendulkar

CricfitSachin StraightThe ‘God of Cricket’ too went through a disastrous phase in his career and his future connection with the sport was at risk.

Sachin did not miss a single Test match in the first half of his career but things had started to change in his later part of career when he had to go through many injuries. Tendulkar suffered a serious tennis elbow injury in early 2004 which threatened to cut short his career. The pain was so irritating that he could not grip the plastic bat of his child. There were many stories coming in media like “Endulkar”.

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Eventually, Tendulkar made a remarkable return to Test cricket and went on to score his 35th Test century after a gap of more than a year against Sri Lanka in 2005, surpassing Gavaskar’s 34.