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Top 5 Fighting Comebacks by Indian cricketers


Failures are part and parcel of a sport. But overcoming the failures and drawing the destiny to success contributes to the real strength of a player. Many Indian greats have faced obstacles and adversity in their career.

They were out of the team due to performance, injury or dreadful diseases. But they never gave up on the way to what was an extremely difficult path.

They brought out the fighter in them to conquer the challenges and to script a phenomenal comeback, emerging as a champion. Their will, dedication and hard work backed them to take a U-turn from their positions towards some glory.

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Sachin Tendulkar once quoted over failures and obstacles: “When people throw stones at you, convert them into milestones.”

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Here are some stories of Indian cricketers who came back into the national team after a tormenting break in career:

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