Amidst the euphoria of a cricket match -the contest between bat & ball- one thing people should still be curious about is how the cricketers who do their thing on the ground, practice.

It is amazing how most of the time it is the unseen that impacts what happens on the field. People should definitely take a deep interest in how their stars practice.

How an actor gets into a zone, what exact preparation he has gone through, to give us the magic on screen. What exactly an athlete is doing off the field, during his practice in the nets, to enthrall everyone with a gem on the field? Is the unknown world.

And so whenever one gets a chance to watch some nets of a cricketer they should just latch onto it. I love watching it

And so recently Ben Stokes the English all-round cricketer, who is also making a comeback after a long lay off from the game, was seen practicing in the nets very differently for the first one day international of the ODI series in New Zealand.

Stokes was facing a few balls normally before he curiously decided to turn up for the ball as a right-hander.

It was looking a bit innocuous, but, you could sense the purpose behind it. Obviously, Stokes who is returning to international cricket after a long while, the first thing he would want is the return of the feel for the ball at a regular international cricket pace. And so Stokes was trying to get a 360-degree feel of the ball. It is very important how a batsman is feeling about the game and how his body is responding to everything before a cricket match at this level and Stokes was practicing just that.

Practice that goes on in the nets is a less talk about the world and the cricket watchers should start being very curious about it as well. From this article you know, I am.

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