The greatness of our own Mahendra Singh Dhoni is immeasurable. He has done a lot on the field with the bat and the gloves.

That can be measured by the thousands of runs he has scored for the country and the catches, the stumpings he has inflicted.

But, the reason why Dhoni”s contribution to Indian cricket is immeasurable is that there is more to that than the mere numbers and trophies.

He has won India many world events and a lot of games as a captain & a cricketer and yet, his impact goes deeper.

He has groomed a lot of players for India by giving them confidence and helping in sharpening their skills.

One sight that is often seen is Dhoni very calmly giving his insight to Virat Kohli and other players on the field. Helping the team strategically and technically as well. You see him regularly doing the big work behind the stumps, especially for the spinners. Kuldeep Yadav the Indian wrist spinner said: “Mahi Bhai does 50% of the work for a spinner” by making him aware of the move the batsmen is likely to make with the help of his amazing experience.

And so, one such moment was seen during the Indian nets as well. Shikhar Dhawan who has done well all over the world in one day cricket, is still a guy who”s game needs technical changes, and hence he was seen practicing his stance and discussing it with Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

MS was giving him a talk as to how he can better his stance for the balls that are full and also for the once that are short, requiring front foot and back foot movement.

It really helps when you have that wealth of experience to dip deep into in your resolves. That”s why having Dhoni around right now in Indian Cricket is important. He is possibly on the last leg of his career and Virat Kohli & co will do well to continue extracting every drop of wisdom from the sponge that is MS Dhoni.

Watch Here:-

MSD correcting Shikhar Dhawan's stance in practice session ❤️

Posted by MS Dhoni – The One Man Army on Wednesday, February 7, 2018