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VIDEO : Ishant Sharma”s funny faces moment shows up again!


VIDEO : Ishant Sharma”s funny faces moment shows up again!- The recently concluded test series between India and Australia was perhaps the best when it came to competition since Ashes 2005. Both the teams left nothing in team hotel, nothing in dressing rooms, nothing within themselves!

They gave their absolute everything every single ball and it was absolutely magnificent to see both India and Australia at their relentless best!

After a devastating 333-run defeat in Pune in first test, India again failed with bat in first innings in Bangalore. While SOK was India”s villian in Pune this time the wrecker-in-chief was Nathan Lyon with his 8-50. After being bowled out for a partly 189 in first innings, India needed a lion-hearted effort from the bowling unit to make a comeback.

Without any surprise, Indian team came out firing all cylinders. With such kind of heat out in the middle you”d expect players to get fired up and involve themselves in verbal duel with the opposition.

The sledging between Ishant Sharma and Steve Smith was perhaps the best piece of it that cricket fans have seen in recent times. It set the tone for the rest of the series. After beating Smith outside off stump, Ishant Sharma made some funny faces at him. Smith wasn”t amused but Indian fans were!

It started getting viral on social media and everyone was make his own version of it. India eventually went on to win the Bangalore test by 75 runs.

Months later Ishant recalled that moment in a hotel when he was having his dinner with his family. He posted on his Instagram account a video making the same faces again!

When he calls it a day, Ishant Sharma will always be remembered for all the comic things more than his heroics on the field!

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– by Atharva Apte

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