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VIDEO: Kumble makes sure Team India bond over drums and music


VIDEO: Kumble makes sure Team India bond over drums and music: After a busy day in the preparatory camp in Bengaluru, the Indian Cricket Team needed a refreshment and what better when they have a coach like Anil Kumble who has a set of plans for his boys implemented at the right time. The West Indies-bound Indian squad was set for a scheduled motivational talk at the team hotel, but they were handed a surprise by coach Kumble when they walked in to the beats of drums. The Indian team had a unique bonding session with coach Anil Kumble roped in acclaimed actor-musician Vasundhara Das and drummer Roberto Narain”s group ‘Drumjam’.

The likes of MS Dhoni, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli, Ishant Sharma and Rohit Sharma were seen jamming alongside Vasundhara, Das who rendered the party song “It”s the time to disco” from Shah Rukh Khan-starrer “Kal Ho Na Ho”. Referred to as “Drum Circle”, the unique exercise saw the cricketers jam together with the percussion instrument while seated in a circle. This can be termed as a first in Indian cricket team’s team bonding exercise.

Amused Virat Kohli said: “We were surprised by Anil bhai. We thought it would be a serious session but it turned out to be fun. That was a side of Anil bhai that we never explored because we never worked with him at a close distance. This is very important for the team. Sometimes when we are focused on our individual game we forget the importance of team bonding. We wanted to improve our camaraderie and understanding. Everyone enjoyed it a lot, and we had fun.”

“Drum Circle”, which is an activity where “a group of people seated in a circle, plays drums together” is considered to be a rhythm based activity, which is a great way to communicate, team building, overcoming barriers, improves group communication and harmony, a sense of belonging, stress-relief, discovering creativity, energizing participants and it improves focus a lot.

Vasundhara Das has also acted in critically acclaimed films like Hey Ram (with Kamal Hassan) and Mira Nair”s Monsoon Wedding.

India limited-overs captain MS Dhoni said: “It is important to enjoy the period, which is tough. But till (the time), you stick together and enjoy as a group, I don”t think there is anything that will stop you. Make sure you have a lot of fun. The forty-five minutes that we spent here means we can have fun anywhere in the world. We just need the company of us.”



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