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VIDEO: Virat Kohli and Ravi Shastri”s mutual understanding reminds us of Dhoni and Kirsten

Behind every successful team, there is great understanding and mutual respect for each other between a captain and a coach. Teams which had these have gone on to dominate cricket in their eras. As they say, “An empire which is toppled by its enemies can rising again but the one which crumbles from within, that”s dead”. The Indian team of Dhoni-Kirsten era and Chappell-Dravid era are classic examples of both the cases.

Many renowned cricket pundits have believed that a coach”s role should be restricted to assisting the captain in team selections and plotting strategies. Too much of an interference by coach can have a negative impact on the morale of the team. However, all this stuff is for an international coach. Coach at first-class level is supposed to be the in-charge of the team and the even captain has to follow his orders.

The rapport between Virat Kohli and Ravi Shastri is an amazing one. Ever since Ravi has taken over as a coach, they both have formed a great partnership off the field, which is just ideal for Indian cricket. No wonder why Virat Kohli wanted Shastri to become the coach. He got his wish and since then India has been unstoppable.

Another instance of their amazing understanding was seen on the fifth day of the Kolkata test. Virat Kohli was outrageously signaling to the dressing room asking something. After few signs, Shastri was seen pointing “20”. Then he called a substitute, whispered something and sent him on the field. That was the time when Virat was nearing his hundred. So the signal from Shastri must be perhaps carry on batting for 20 minutes.

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The first test ended with a thrilling draw. Indians were on a brink of victory when bad light stopped play early as had been the case for previous 4 days. Nevertheless, India will be proud of their effort and go into the second test which starts at Nagpur on November 24 all guns blazing. Sri Lanka, on the other hand, will be hampered slightly by the poor batting show this innings.

– by Atharva Apte