VIDEO: Watson-Wiese combine to pull off a spectacular boundary catch

VIDEO: Watson-Wiese combine to pull-off a spectacular boundary catch: In one week of this Indian Premier League season we have seen a lot of great catches. But the catch on the first weekend night (Sunday) was a spectacular one. At the Chinnaswamy stadium, Bengaluru, Shane Watson and David Wiese combine to pull off a magnificent boundary catch.

The magical relay catch by Shane Watson and David Wiese came about in the very first over of the DD innings itself, who were chasing 192. Shreyas Iyer, who was trying to capitalize on the field restrictions, hit the ball in the air and it did not go the distance but a great elevation. Watson was chasing the ball from mid-on and ran towards long on, which was of course a tough catch running backwards. He took the catch but was slowly losing balance, tossed the ball back to the fielder, David Wiese, who was running just behind him. Wiese then dived to take the catch and ensured that he did not touch the ropes.

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