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VIDEO: Yuvraj Singh shares the most unusual dismissal in cricket


If you are a crazy cricket follower then you surely would have witnessed quite a lot of unusual dismissals in your period of watching cricket. From bad umpiring to funny runouts and hit wickets, we have seen it all in cricket.

From controversial Mankads to the batsman being given out for obstructing the field, dismissals can get very weird in this glorious game of uncertainties.

But we are very sure that none of you have witnessed the dismissal as unusual as in the video shared by Yuvraj Singh on his Instagram page. In the video, a batsman is given out by umpire despite the ball being nowhere near the bat and batsman walks without complaining.

Here”s your answer, This is a match from Surrey vs Leeds/Bradford UCCE at the Oval, 15th March 2007. The batsman is Tom Merilaht and the Bowler is Mohammed Akram.

The Umpire in question is Ian Gould. In reality, the batsman was hit wicket in the last ball of the previous over but by then the umpire had called the over completed. The batsman cannot be given out until a legal ball is bowled, So after the first ball of the next over, he was given out, Unusual and strange, isn”t it?

Watch the video below for yourself, wondering what”s the actual situation is and why is the batsman being given out?





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