Yesterday Virat Kohli celebrated his 32nd birthday with wife Anushka Sharma and the entire RCB team in UAE. Kohli was all smiles as he was seen having the time of his life in the video share by RCB across various platforms. Today it will business as usual Kohli when he leads RCB in the eliminator against Sunrisers Hyderabad in IPL 2020.

After 2016 Kohli’s Royal Challengers Bangalore made it to the playoffs after winning 7 league matches. On his birthday Kohli expressed how it has been a difficult year but also brought blessings for him and he will never rule out this year as he is soon going to enter the parenthood phase.

Virat Kohli Excited To Enter New Phase With Wife Anushka Sharma

Kohli and wife Anushka are expecting their first child in January next year. The RCB skipper excited to enter a new period in his life along with his wife Anushka with the arrival of their newborn.

“I would definitely not rule this year out of my life. Yes, it’s been a difficult year for everyone. But it’s been a lot of blessing for us as well. I and Anushka are entering a new phase of our lives”, Kohli said in an interview with Star Sports.

Meanwhile, Kohli is glad that IPL 2020 was conducted despite having various difficulties because of the COVID-19 pandemic all around the world. He thinks that the league has been able to lift the mood of the entire nation by spreading smiles through the ongoing IPL season.

“We all are also getting to do what love to do. Still giving a lot of happiness to people back home. Lifting the mood of the whole nation and all the cricketing nations that have been watching the IPL”, Kohli added.

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Talking about his birthday, Virat Kohli summed it up by saying that he is not someone who enjoys birthday celebrations. He cherishes quality time with his wife and his family and doesn’t believe in wishing anything for himself on his big day.

“It’s time we move beyond the birthday wishes that I want. I am personally someone who does not enjoy birthday celebrations. I just like to have time with Anushka or with families around if we are back home. Very simple stuff,” Kohli said.

Furthermore, Kohli who was sitting with his good friend Ab de Villiers during the interview admitted that it is going to be a big week for RCB. The RCB skipper wants his side to play an attacking brand of cricket and not take any backward step. Thus far, RCB has never won the IPL trophy and they will be intending to win today against SRH and advance further this season.

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