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All Not Well As Rohit Sharma Chooses Not To Wish Virat Kohli On His Birthday

The Indian and RCB skipper Virat Kohli is today celebrating his 32nd birthday. Kohli received wishes from cricketers across the globe on popular social media platform Twitter. Nowadays cricketers take advantage of social media and wish each other on Twitter which every fan appreciates. Amidst all the birthday wishes for Kohli on his birthday, one major wish stayed pending throughout the day.

Rohit Sharma stayed away from wishing Kohli today which again hinted that all is still not well between the two leading cricketers of team India. Reports of a disagreement between the two have often been discussed on various platforms.

No Birthday Wish From Rohit Sharma For Virat Kohli

Though earlier this year on 30th April, Kohli had wished Rohit on his birthday on Twitter. Late in the day Rohit also retweeted Kohli’s birthday wish and thanked him which delighted every fan of Indian cricket.

That happened to be the only interaction between the two batting giants this year. During lockdown Kohli and Rohit often did Instagram live with several cricketers but never made an effort to communicate with each other.

There off the field relationship got hampered during the cricket world cup in 2019. It was believed that the captain and vice-captain have had a clash of opinions which led to the Indian team dressing room being divided. Things escalated further when both Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Things got ugly when families of were also dragged in the matter which disappointed both the cricketers. It was also believed that Rohit was upset with the special treatment that was showered upon Kohli wife and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma. Soon after this revelation Anushka also decided to unfollow Rohit on Instagram and posted a mystic message.

“A wise man once said nothing. Only truth can shake hands with silence in a mess of false appearances,” Anushka Sharma had written.

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Following that Rohit and his wife Ritika Sajdeh unfollowed Kohli snd Anushka. The Indian captain continues to follow Rohit on social media and has often maintained that he has no problem with him. In various interviews, Virat Kohli has maintained that Rohit is a great batsman and he loves watching him play.

Furthermore, it seems Rohit since that incident in the world cup has never had made any attempt to revive his friendship with Kohli. The two prolific batsmen at one point were great friends as they had begun playing for India during the same time.

Meanwhile, now both proceed to maintain a professional relationship while playing for the Indian team. The rivalry between them to captain India in white-ball cricket is often debated but they have never addressed it in front of the media. With now Rohit’s decision to not wish Virat Kohli on his birthday it will be interesting to see if the Indian captain stops acknowledging him in his interviews and social media.

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