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Virat Kohli Shouldn’t Be Playing The Ahmedabad Test, He Intimidated The Umpire- David Llyod

Virat Kohli Shouldn’t Be Playing The Ahmedabad Test, He Intimidated The Umpire- David Llyod
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Virat Kohli might have landed himself in trouble after he had a heated exchange with umpire Nitin Menon. Late on day 3, team India took a DRS review as Kohli believed that Joe Root was out bat-pad. However, the replays suggested that Root missed the delivery but was close to being dismissed LBW.

The umpire Nitin Menon originally gave Root not-out for bat Pad but Kohli was baffled to see the umpire’s call when the third umpire was checking for LBW. The Indian captain was frustrated with the call and was straightaway in the ears of the umpire.

Virat Kohli Shouldn’t Be Playing The Ahmedabad Test- David Llyod

After this incident, former England cricketer David Llyod has claimed that Kohli should be handed a ban for a couple of Tests for disputing with the umpire on the field. Llyod has slammed the team India captain for criticising and intimidating the match official on the pitch. He added that in any other sport Kohli would have been sent off the field and he should not be playing the next Test at Ahmedabad.

“No word of any disciplinary action against Virat Kohli then? I chuckle and I despair. Cricket is so archaic. The captain of a national team is allowed to criticize, berate, intimidate and ridicule an official on the pitch. And he was allowed to carry on playing on in the second Test! In any other sport, he would have been sent off the field. Kohli certainly shouldn’t be playing in Ahmedabad next week”, David Lloyd wrote in his column for the Daily Mail.

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Meanwhile, David Llyod also indicated that Cricket like football should also have red cards and in this case, Kohli should be handed a 3 Test match ban. He also scrutinised the match referee Javagal Srinath for not being proactive about the Kohli incident and not challenging his on-field behaviour.

“All it would take to show the public the severity of any offence is the introduction of yellow and red cards. This was a straight red — which would mean he misses the next three Tests. The lack of any action from match referee Javagal Srinath sitting there in his nice air-conditioned room beggars belief. Three and a half days and he has said nothing,” added Lloyd.

Furthermore, Virat Kohli may face charges of a Level 1 or Level 2 offence for breaching the ICC code of conduct for showing “dissent at an umpire’s decision”. Kohli already has two demerit points and if the charges hold up against him, it may get him between one and four more demerit points and earn him a one-Test ban.

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