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[Watch] Batter Forgets To Wear Pads, Umpire Speaks on The Phone In A Hilarious Viral Video

batter forgets pads
Photo: Twitter

Over the years we have witnessed several funny incidents taking place on the cricket field. Players engaging in a comedy-of-errors, or fielders losing their trousers while attempting to stop the delivery. In another such hilarious instance, a batter forgot to wear his pads while walking to bat during a cricket match in the UK. The video of the incident has gone viral on social media leaving the fans in splits.

In the video, the batter is seen coming out to bat, but, without his bats. The batter has been identified as Martin Hughes from the Southend Civic Cricket Club. Only when the opposition fielders bring it to the batter’s attention, does he notices that he isn’t wearing the pads and rushes back to the pavilion. The non-striker and opposition players burst into laughter.

Watch the hilarious video here: 

Meanwhile, interestingly, the umpire at the non-striker’s end was also spotted talking on a phone as Martin was taking his batting guard. The video of the incident has gone viral and is being shared widely on social media by cricket fanatics. It has drawn funny reactions from the crowd, who were left amused with the incident.

Let’s take a look at how Twitteratti reacted to the video:

Twitteratti commented on the post, sharing their reactions and also their personal experiences of such funny incidents taking place on the cricketing field. Sharing one such incident, a Twitter user named @mr_humz wrote,I remember once I must have been 11/12, number 3 walks out, he realises he’s only got one glove says screw it I’ll carry on. Knocked over first ball.”

“I had a team-mate who never wore a box. He said that it was to ensure that he never lost concentration!!,” wrote @MarkDoigFC.

@stevesanderstax reminded the incident when former England bowler Bob Willis forgot to carry his bat in an international match. The incident took place during the Edgbaston in 1981 against England.


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