Home Videos Watch: Behind The Scenes Of Rahul Dravid’s Cred App Ad

Watch: Behind The Scenes Of Rahul Dravid’s Cred App Ad

Watch:  Behind The Scenes Of Rahul Dravid’s Cred App Ad

Rahul Dravid’s cred app video became an instant hit among the Indian cricket fans as soon as the ad was released by All India Bakchod’s Tanmay Bhatt. Bhatt and his crew were the makers of this ad which was about making people aware about the traffic rules. They made the former Indian skipper Rahul Dravid to feature in this ad and that turned out to its USP. The expressions from Dravid perfectly matched the seriousness of this ad and all in all it turned to be a great success.

Tanmay Bhatt, then made a behind the schenes video of the ad where they have very particularly captured Rahul Dravid’s expressions from the ad. Every bit of it was minutely short with the crew sharing their experience of working with the former Indian skipper. Fortunately for us, there is more thanks to Tanmay Bhat who had vlogged the advertisement, a video of which is now available on his popular YouTube channel.

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AIB Shares Experience of Working With Rahul Dravid

“Me, Puneet, and Vishal were sitting at the monitor and we were making jokes about how if we sent this footage to the U-19 team they would get intimidated. I went and told that joke to Rahul and he laughed,” Bhat quips in his video before walking up to Dravid and saying, “You know that Mathew Hayden quote? If you wanna know aggression, look into the eyes of Rahul Dravid.” Bhat then tweaks the quote and says if anyone wanted to see Dravid’s aggression they should watch the CRED ad.

In the vlog, Tanmay Bhatt asked a few questions as well to Dravid about his batting technique. The conversation then moves towards how Sachin Tendulkar used to focus on his grip and batting techniques.

“It’s impossible to hold the bat and not play a shot no?” Bhat asks the Wall. Impossible for me. Funny because I always check my grip. Especially now I coach right? So I tend to check the grip and fiddle with it” Rahul replied.

The BTS video ends with Tanmay Bhat sharing his experience of working with Rahul Dravid. He said that he is the cutest among the people he has worked with in his career so far.

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Rahul Dravid Is One Of The Nicest People Around: Tammay Bhatt

“Rahul Dravid is one of the nicest, politest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. In the brief few hours, he taught me how to correct my batting stance (I do all my cardio while batting in the nets), was kind enough to share the most fascinating cricketing insights and most pleasantly surprising was his incredible curiosity. He asked about punchlines, and delivery, and the science behind writing and directing comedy. Incredible experience. What an absolute legend, (sic)” Tanmay Bhat had tweeted earlier this month during the ad release.

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