Home Cricket News [WATCH] “Bhai, Audio Bandh Karo” – Rohit Sharma Requests Broadcast Team To Silence His Coverage

[WATCH] “Bhai, Audio Bandh Karo” – Rohit Sharma Requests Broadcast Team To Silence His Coverage

[WATCH] “Bhai, Audio Bandh Karo” – Rohit Sharma Requests Broadcast Team To Silence His Coverage

Mumbai Indians (MI) opener Rohit Sharma appealed to the camera crew, hands joined, to record silently. His recent audio clip, discussing with Abhishek Nayar at the Eden Gardens, went viral, and understandably, he wants to avoid a similar incident.

Rohit Sharma and his ex-teammate Dhawal Kulkarni were spotted together on the Wankhede Stadium sidelines, caught by the camera crew. Sharma’s voice was distinctly audible, and upon noticing the camera, he pleaded for the audio to be omitted, citing the trouble caused by the previous leaked footage.

“Bhai, audio bandh karo ha? Ek audio ne mera waat laga diya hai, (Brother, please mute the audio. One audio got me into trouble),” Rohit Sharma was heard saying.


Rohit Sharma entered the game as a substitute earlier than expected, stepping in during the first innings due to an injury to pacer Arjun Tendulkar, instead of waiting for the start of the second innings.

The audio recording capturing Rohit Sharma’s discussion with Abhishek Nayar sparked chaos

Before the match against Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) at the Eden Gardens, Rohit Sharma and Abhishek Nayar were observed by KKR’s social media team. The camera crew captured the former teammates strolling on the field, inadvertently recording almost their entire conversation, which was subsequently shared online.

The post was swiftly removed, but the harm had been done. Fans spread the audio, in which Rohit Sharma discussed the ongoing season potentially being his final one for the Mumbai Indians (MI) or even the concluding season of his career.

“Ek ek cheez change ho raha hai…Woh unke upar hai…Jo bhi hai who mera ghar hai bhai, woh joh temple hai na, maine banwaaya hai.”

“Bhai mera kya, mera toh yeh last hai, (Every single thing is changing, that is upto them. Whatever it is, it is my home. The temple that is there, I’ve helped built it. Brother what is to me, this is my last anyway),” Rohit Sharma said.

“I didn’t even know about it, I think it’s just a storm in a teacup. They have been good friends since god knows how long and someone has done something there just to create some mischief.”

“I talked to both of them, they were talking about something else. Some people just have too much time on their hands,” KKR CEO Venky Mysore had soon debunked the theory though.

Rohit Sharma is currently at the batting crease, commencing the second innings following LSG’s setting of a formidable target of 215 runs in their previous match.

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