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Watch – Deepak Chahar Teases Shikhar Dhawan With A Mankad Dismissal

Watch – Deepak Chahar Teases Shikhar Dhawan With A Mankad Dismissal

The unconventional way of getting out – Mankad has been the topic of discussion in the last few days. While Ravichandran Ashwin has been an advocate of Mankad, his coach in Delhi Capitals is firmly against it. Meanwhile, we got to see a glimpse of it when Deepak Chahar teased Shikhar Dhawan with Mankad during CSK vs DC game.

We all know for a fact that how much that Mankad incident involving Jos Buttler and Ravichandran Ashwin was dramatized in the media. While some people bashed Ashwin for his antics; there were others who praised him as well.

Deepak Chahar teases Dhawan with Mankad

Talking about Mankad, Deepak Chahar had teased with a Mankad during the 2019 IPL when Shikhar Dhawan was at the non-striker’s end. This time too when Chahar opened the bowling for Chennai Super Kings today, he did the same as he pulled out of his run-out to tease Dhawan with a Mankad.

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However, it was all smiling in the end as both Dhawan and Chahar exchanged smiles and then got on with the game as Chahar wasn’t looking to get Dhawan out that way. The Mankad is such a debated topic in cricket history because for a fact that some consider it against the spirit of cricket while some consider it well within the laws.

Jos Buttler who was involved in an incident with Ravichandran Ashwin was also involved in another Mankad dismissal in the past. That time it was Sachitra Senanayake in place of Ashwin who attempted the Mankad on England’s wicket-keeper.

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Prior to the start of the 2020 IPL, Delhi Capitals Head Coach Ricky Ponting spoke about the fact that Ravichandran Ashwin won’t be doing any Mankads when he plays for Delhi. Since Ricky himself considers Mankad against the spirit of cricket.

In reply to this Ravichandran Ashwin spoke to his coach Ricky Ponting upon joining the Delhi Capitals, we still don’t know what they both decided upon but according to Ashwin, they seemed to have sorted the issue related to Mankad between them.

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