Home Cricket News IPL 2024: [Watch] Gautam Gambhir’s Spat After KKR’s Defeat Goes Viral

IPL 2024: [Watch] Gautam Gambhir’s Spat After KKR’s Defeat Goes Viral

IPL 2024: [Watch] Gautam Gambhir’s Spat After KKR’s Defeat Goes Viral

After KKR’s loss, a heated exchange ensued between Gautam Gambhir and an official, gaining significant traction on social media, describes a scenario where Kolkata Knight Riders’ mentor, Gautam Gambhir, expressed his frustration, capturing the attention of social media users. Jonny Bairstow‘s stellar performance led Punjab Kings to victory against Kolkata Knight Riders in the IPL.

Despite the defeat, Gambhir maintained his composure, but during the match, there was a notable instance where he lost his temper. The incident unfolded following the conclusion of the 14th over of KKR’s innings. Gambhir engaged in a heated argument with a match official stationed near the team’s dugout, with KKR captain Shreyas Iyer also present at the scene.


The disagreement prolonged before Gambhir eventually retreated. Meanwhile, Bairstow’s exceptional batting display earned him the coveted Player of the Match award for his outstanding contribution to the game. Bairstow reflected on the match, underscoring the significance of a strong start and the imperative nature of taking calculated risks when chasing a formidable target.

PBKS batters played well

Additionally, Shashank Singh‘s noteworthy performance with the bat, amassing an unbeaten 68 runs off just 28 deliveries, further bolstered Punjab Kings‘ successful pursuit of victory. The tense moment between Gambhir and the official exemplifies the passion and intensity often witnessed in the high-stakes environment of professional cricket.

Such interactions, though heated, are not uncommon in the sport, where emotions run high and every decision can have a significant impact on the outcome of the game. Despite the disappointment of the loss, KKR can take solace in the individual performances of their players, including the likes of Andre Russell, whose aggressive batting style adds excitement to every match as well.

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