Home Cricket News [WATCH] “I Was Horrified” – Shah Rukh Khan Recalls Rishabh Pant’s Car Accident

[WATCH] “I Was Horrified” – Shah Rukh Khan Recalls Rishabh Pant’s Car Accident

[WATCH] “I Was Horrified” – Shah Rukh Khan Recalls Rishabh Pant’s Car Accident

KKR owner Shah Rukh Khan expressed his dismay upon viewing the footage of Rishabh Pant‘s car accident. Pant’s involvement in a crash in December 2022 sidelined him until this season’s IPL. However, he has returned to the cricket field in excellent form with the bat.

In a video shared by Star Sports, Shah Rukh discussed the accident, revealing his deep concern upon witnessing the video footage. He emphasized the strong bond he shares with players like Pant, likening them to his own sons, and stressed the double blow when sportsmen sustain injuries.

“I was horrified. When i saw the video of his car. It was horrifying. We didn’t know then what the result was of the accident. You get the worst feelings,” he stated. “These age-boys are like my own sons. Even in my team, there are a lot of players and Rishabh is one. And when a sportsman gets hurt, that’s a double jeopardy.”

Rishabh Pant emerges victorious: Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh would praise Pant as a champion and extend his best wishes for Pant’s future endeavours. The KKR owner would also reminisce about advising Pant to take a seat after the initial KKR vs DC match. Shah Rukh expressed joy at Pant’s return to the field and wished for his ongoing success.

“Rishabh is a winner. I wish him all the best. I hope his knee will get fine. Even in the first game, I was telling him, don’t get up, it must be hurting. And then I was hugging and asking him, are you well? because I hadn’t seen him post the accident. So even I was happy that he is back and playing well and hopes he keeps on playing well,” said Shah Rukh Khan.

Rishabh Pant has accumulated over 350 runs this season in the IPL, with DC finding their stride in recent matches following a sluggish beginning.

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