Home Cricket News [WATCH] MS Dhoni Drives His Car In Ranchi; Video Goes Viral

[WATCH] MS Dhoni Drives His Car In Ranchi; Video Goes Viral

[WATCH] MS Dhoni Drives His Car In Ranchi; Video Goes Viral

A video of MS Dhoni driving his car has gone viral. However, Dhoni is celebrated all over the world for his leadership in cricket and he is also known for his composure and success in high-pressure situations.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is renowned in cricket history as one of the sport’s greatest captains. His calm and collected attitude, his sharp cricketing knowledge, and his ability to guide both the Indian national team and his franchise to success in pressure-filled scenarios are iconic.

While Dhoni’s achievements on the cricket field have brought him numerous awards and a collection of ICC trophies, he’s equally recognized for his love of motorcycles and cars.

Online users are calling for legal consequences after MS Dhoni’s drive in Ranchi

You can watch the video here:

Clips of the former Indian captain leisurely cruising the roads of Ranchi frequently become internet sensations, providing fans with a peek into his post-retirement life. Lately, a video of MS Dhoni behind the wheel of a car has created quite a sensation on the internet as well.

However, in the video, Dhoni’s companion in the vehicle can be observed not wearing a seatbelt, a clear violation of traffic regulations. The video has sparked a surge of disapproval from both fans and conscientious citizens.

Several individuals have urged that legal measures be taken against the person who failed to wear a seatbelt, in accordance with traffic laws. According to the law, such breaches can lead to monetary penalties and potentially even incarceration.

One fan expressed their frustration by saying, “Please don’t let him flee this time 😑.” Many agree that following traffic rules should be uncompromising, regardless of one’s fame or status.

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