Home Cricket News [WATCH] Mumbai Indians Applaud Policeman’s Remarkable Bowling Talent

[WATCH] Mumbai Indians Applaud Policeman’s Remarkable Bowling Talent

[WATCH] Mumbai Indians Applaud Policeman’s Remarkable Bowling Talent

Mumbai Indians posted a video on Twitter showcasing an impressive display of bowling skills by a policeman. The video has caught the attention of many due to its captivating nature.

“‘Greetings [100], we wish to bring attention to a remarkable instance of rapid bowling,’ they stated while sharing the video. The clip commences by presenting Durjan Harsani, a policeman, engaged in a practice session. Dressed in uniform, he adeptly bowls and successfully takes down a batsman’s wicket.”

Shared on August 10th, the video has garnered nearly 490,000 views and the count continues to rise. Furthermore, it has amassed over 12,000 likes. While many acknowledged the impressive skills of the policeman, some raised doubts about the batsman’s ability.

One Twitter user commended, “Considering cricket isn’t his primary pursuit, his bowling technique appears remarkably striking.” Another chimed in, “His bowling action is quite appealing, my friend.”

A third individual suggested, “You ought to invite him for a trial this season; it would be fantastic.” In contrast, a fourth commenter remarked, “The batsman’s performance resembles that of an 8-year-old, lacking footwork and hand-eye coordination; he was even getting himself out for the sake of the video.” Concluding, a fifth person shared, “Such a delightful action and follow-through.”

Despite the absence of Jasprit Bumrah and Jofra Archer, Mumbai Indians advanced to IPL 2023’s Qualifier 2. However, they were halted by an exceptional Shubman Gill’s form. Despite not clinching the IPL title, the team introduced a promising talent, Nehal Wadhera, who made his mark when Tilak Varma was sidelined due to injury.

Wadhera stood by as a standby for the Emerging Teams Asia Cup 2023, while Tilak earned his debut senior national team call-up and was impressed with his determined, poised, and mature performance. Mumbai Indians’ season showcased both challenges and emerging talents in the cash-rich league’s 16th edition.

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