Home Cricket News “I Don’t Think They Are Ready To Bowl At The International Level” – Wasim Jaffer On India Youngsters

“I Don’t Think They Are Ready To Bowl At The International Level” – Wasim Jaffer On India Youngsters

“I Don’t Think They Are Ready To Bowl At The International Level” – Wasim Jaffer On India Youngsters
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Ex-opener Wasim Jaffer suggests that Team India should develop players like Yashasvi Jaiswal and Tilak Varma into part-time bowlers. He expressed his view that even though Varma shows promise as an off-spin bowler, both batsmen need to improve their bowling abilities. 

Jaffer advised that the two young players should engage in consistent bowling during domestic matches to refine their skills. The former cricketer turned analyst shared these comments during an interview with ESPNcricinfo:

“I don’t think they (Tilak Varma and Yashasvi Jaiswal) are ready to bowl at the international level. I think Tilak Varma can because I have seen him bowl a little bit. But Yashasvi Jaiswal, you still have to wait. They are encouraging them to bowl more in the nets, and as and when they come back to domestic cricket, you will see them bowling, and they should because India clearly lack one of their batters to turn their arm over.”

Wasim Jaffer highlighted that during their victorious World Cup runs in 2007 and 2011, the Indian team possessed several batsmen capable of bowling a couple of overs. He further added:

“The 2007 or 2011 World Cup-winning teams had so many options from the top order batsmen who could bowl. So, no harm in grooming because I know Yashasvi Jaiswla can bowl decent leg spin, but still I would say it is not international standard. Same with Tilak Varma. He can be groomed into a decent off-spinner. When you get so many left-handers in the opposite side, you can squeeze in one or two overs from him. I think he is probably ready to bowl, if and when Hardik Pandya feels confident about it.”

It’s noteworthy that Paras Mhambrey, the bowling coach of India, recently mentioned during a press conference that both Varma and Jaiswal are expected to deliver at least one over each in upcoming matches.

“Those guys won’t be groomed” – Wasim Jaffer Discussed How The Impact Player Rule In the IPL Prevents Part-Time Bowlers From Getting Chances

Jaffer added that due to the impact player rule, players like Tilak Varma and Yashasvi Jaiswal probably won’t have a chance to bowl in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Expanding on the negative impact of the rule, he clarified:

“The guys who can turn their arm over for one or two overs could be the sixth or seventh option in the side. They probably won’t get to bowl because you will get a specialist guy coming in. Those guys won’t be groomed.”

“That’s why we didn’t get to see Yashasvi Jaiswal or even Tilak Varma bowl in the IPL. Guys even don’t get to field. So many batters used to bat and not used to field. That is not a good thing because that doesn’t happen in international cricket.”

Significantly, Varma has taken eight wickets in List A matches, while Jaiswal has secured seven dismissals.

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