Home Cricket News [WATCH] Virat Kohli Names His Favourite Cricketer In Recent Time

[WATCH] Virat Kohli Names His Favourite Cricketer In Recent Time

[WATCH] Virat Kohli Names His Favourite Cricketer In Recent Time

Indian cricket sensation Virat Kohli has expressed his admiration for England’s versatile player, Ben Stokes, as his preferred cricketer among the present generation. Kohli, who has had memorable encounters with Stokes on the field, appreciates the style of cricket that the English Test captain showcases.

During a candid conversation with Star Sports, Kohli shared his thoughts on his childhood cricket idol and his current favorite player.

He stated “My cricketing idol growing up was Sachin Tendulkar, and my current favorite cricketer in the world is Ben Stokes (smiles).”

Many speculations circulated regarding the origin of Virat Kohli’s choice of the No.18 jersey. In response to these speculations, he commented:

“My jersey number is 18 and there’s no story behind this number (laughs). I had got this number when I got the U19 India jersey for the first time and that’s basically how I started wearing 18.”

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The moniker ‘Cheeku’ became closely associated with Virat Kohli during his time as a player under the captaincy of MS Dhoni. As Dhoni orchestrated field placements while keeping wickets, the stump microphone frequently captured him referring to Kohli as ‘Cheeku.’ Elaborating on the origins and significance of this nickname, Kohli explained:

“My nickname is Cheeku because a state coach gave me that name because my ears are big. I had cut my hair very short one time and there was a comic named Champak with a rabbit character named Cheeku with big ears. It became famous because Mahi bhai started taking that name close to the stump mic.”

Kohli also discussed his preferred cricket shot and the bowlers who have provided him with enjoyable challenges throughout his career. He went on to say:

My favorite shot is the inside-out over covers, against the left-arm spinner. I first played that shot when I was 12 years old. One player I had great battles with would be anyone between James Anderson and Pat Cummins. We have had some really good battles over the years.”

Virat Kohli achieved his 47th century in One Day Internationals (ODIs) during the Super Fours stage of the 2023 Asia Cup in Colombo, with an impressive performance against Pakistan on a Monday.

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