Home Cricket News WI vs IND: [WATCH] “She’s Coming To See Virat Kohli And Not Me”- Joshua Da Silva Reveals The Secret Of His Mother

WI vs IND: [WATCH] “She’s Coming To See Virat Kohli And Not Me”- Joshua Da Silva Reveals The Secret Of His Mother

WI vs IND: [WATCH] “She’s Coming To See Virat Kohli And Not Me”- Joshua Da Silva Reveals The Secret Of His Mother

During a thrilling second Test match between India and West Indies in Trinidad, an amusing incident involving West Indies wicketkeeper Joshua da Silva and his mother came to light. The star Indian batsman, Virat Kohli, was relatively new at the crease on the first day of the match when the stump mic picked up a conversation between Da Silva and a fielder at short leg.

In the conversation, Da Silva revealed what his mother had told him over the phone – she was attending the match specifically to watch Virat Kohli, not her own son.

He jokingly recounted that his mother had explicitly said, “She’s coming to see Virat and not me.” While this light-hearted remark brought a smile to many faces, it also shed light on Kohli’s immense popularity and fan following worldwide.

Virat Kohli is approaching a century in his 500th match representing India

Despite facing criticisms about his performance against spin bowling in recent years, Kohli showcased his masterful skills on the pitch during the match. Following a century stand by the Indian openers, the team encountered a tough phase at 182/4.  However, Kohli demonstrated his resilience and received crucial support from all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja.

Together, they thwarted the efforts of the West Indies bowlers, ensuring a wicketless second and third session on Day 1. Kohli’s outstanding performance enabled India to reach a strong position at 288/4. Both he and Jadeja notched up an impressive partnership of 106 runs for the fifth wicket. With the pitch favouring the bowlers, stroke-making was far from easy, but the determined duo navigated the challenges expertly.

The West Indies’ decision to bowl first on a dry pitch has been questioned, given the potential difficulties they may face while batting last, especially against spinners Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja. Virat Kohli’s prowess and charisma have made him a global cricket icon, captivating fans from all walks of life, including Joshua da Silva’s mother.

This incident underscores the magnetic pull of Kohli’s presence on the field, which transcends borders and brings joy to cricket enthusiasts worldwide. As the Test match continues, fans eagerly await more enthralling moments, hoping for exceptional displays of skill from both Kohli and Da Silva, as well as the rest of the players.

Cricket, with its moments of humour and excitement, continues to unite audiences across the globe, making it a sport like no other.

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