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WTC 2021-23: ICC Releases The Fixtures For The Second Cycle

ICC WTC Fixtures

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced the fixtures for the second cycle of the World Test Championship (WTC). It also revealed the new points system it has allocated to each Test match in the prestigious event.

In the previous edition, same number of points were given to each series rather than a Test match. The ICC has decided to alter the system after it received backlash over the existing model. From now on, each Test match win will be awarded 12 points, while a draw earns four points for both the teams. In the event of a tie, the teams will share six points each.

“Each match of the upcoming WTC will now be contested for the same number of points. That is 12 for a win, four for a draw and six for a tie, moving away from the previous system where the same number of points were allocated to each series, divided across the number of matches played,” ICC mentioned in a statement.

Team Home Away
Australia England South Africa West Indies India Pakistan Sri Lanka
Bangladesh Pakistan India Sri Lanka South Africa New Zealand West Indies
England India South Africa New Zealand Pakistan West Indies Australia
India Sri Lanka New Zealand Australia Bangladesh England South Africa
New Zealand South Africa Bangladesh Sri Lanka England Pakistan India
Pakistan Australia England New Zealand Sri Lanka Bangladesh West Indies
South Africa India West Indies Bangladesh Australia England New Zealand
Sri Lanka West Indies Australia Pakistan Bangladesh New Zealand India
West Indies Pakistan Bangladesh England Australia South Africa Sri Lanka

The percentage-based rankings are set to stay

Due to the pandemic, the table was changed mid-way last year. Instead of the total points earned, the rankings were based on the percentage of points earned from the matches. This time around, ICC has made the WTC fixture such that each team will play 3 home and 3 away series. This gave a clear indication of how the teams fared, according to the ICC Acting CEO, Geoff Allardice.

“During the pandemic we had to change to ranking teams on the points table using the percentage of available points won by each team. This helped us determine the finalists and we were able to complete the championship within the scheduled time frame. The method also allowed us to compare the relative performance of teams at any time, regardless of how many matches they had played.” he said.

The decision to change the points system came on the back of heavy criticism garnered all over the cricketing fraternity. Talking about the same, Geoff said:

“We received feedback that the previous points system needed to be simplified. The Cricket Committee took this into consideration when proposing a new, standardized points system for each match. It maintained the principle of ensuring that all matches in a WTC series count towards a team’s standing while accommodating series varying in length between two Tests and five Tests.”

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