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Yuvraj Singh Recalls The Historic Exchange Between Him And Andrew Flintoff

The former Indian batsman spoke about the fight and explains how it riled him up to hit everything out of the park.

Yuvraj Singh has had a celebrated career that includes two World Cup wins. He was the man of the tournament on both occasions, playing impactful knocks at crucial junctures for India. He was one of the most reliable middle-order batsmen India has produced.

The most memorable innings of Yuvraj, is when he scored six sixes in an over off Stuart Broad in the 2007 T20 World Cup. In the over before that, Yuvraj had an exchange with all-rounder Andrew Flintoff, which riled the former up. In a chat show with Gaurav Kapur, Yuvraj revealed the words that were exchanged between the two.

Come here, I will rip your neck off – Andrew Flintoff to Yuvraj Singh

After the conclusion of the over, Flintoff threw some words at Yuvraj talking about the shots he had played. Yuvraj, not one to hold back, retorted with a few words of his own.

Yuvraj Singh

“I remember I hit two good boundaries off Flintoff which he obviously didn’t like. He said something to me and I said something back. He told me, ‘Come here I will rip your neck off’. So I said, ‘You know where my bat would go’. It was quite a serious fight at that time. I just felt like I wanted to hit every ball out of the park,” Yuvraj Singh revealed.

Unfortunately for Broad, he was at the end of Yuvraj’s wrath as he got tonked for 6 sixes in the following over, an event that was immortalized by Ravi Shastri’s commentary on air. Collingwood, England’s captain at the time, apparently kept asking Broad to bowl yorkers on the off-side as the off-side boundaries were pretty big.

“Luckily, the first ball I hit went out of the park. The second ball I hit, went in the crowd. Third ball I hit over point, where I hadn’t even hit a boundary in my career. Collingwood came and told Broad to keep bowling yorkers to me outside off-stump because the off-side was big. But Broad thought of bowling into my legs. So when he decided to do that, I knew he was in trouble. The fifth ball hit the toe of my bat, it was a small boundary that went over Flintoff. Sixth ball I knew he has to bowl a yorker. So I was ready to hit it straight and it was in my arc. My first look was to Flintoff, giving him a cheeky smile,” Yuvraj went on to say.

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