Home Feature Zaka Ashraf Moves One Step Closer To Become Chairman Of The PCB

Zaka Ashraf Moves One Step Closer To Become Chairman Of The PCB

Zaka Ashraf Moves One Step Closer To Become Chairman Of The PCB

The Prime Minister of Pakistan appointed the former chairman of the PCB to the board of governors.

Zaka Ashraf and Mustafa Ramday have been proposed by the nation’s prime minister to join the PCB’s board of governors. 

The change happened the day after Najam Sethi, the committee’s leader who is in charge of the PCB’s operations until June 21st, withdrew from consideration to lead the board.

As has been customary in Pakistani cricket, the Prime Minister’s appointment to the PCB board of governors determines who is elected to lead the board for a three-year term.

The PCB will likely to be led once more by Zaka Ashraf

Ashraf is the clear favorite to win, with the election process typically being a formality.

“I don’t want to be a point of contention between Asif Zardari and Shehbaz Sharif”, Sethi had said on Twitter when announcing his withdrawal.

“PCB does not benefit from such instability and uncertainty. I am not a candidate for PCB Chairmanship given the current situation. We wish everyone involved luck.”

The political horsetrading over the chairmanship was the subject of Sethi’s tweet.

At the moment, Pakistan’s Shehbaz Sharif serves as both the PCB’s patron and Prime Minister.

However, over the past few weeks, the PPP has insisted that they still have the right to nominate a candidate of their choosing.

The chairmanship was being contested in court by the two parties at the time, and it was changing hands frequently.

However, Sethi was forced to make room for Ashraf after several days of vigorous negotiation between the two parties.

Since Ramiz Raja’s removal as chairman and the cancellation of the PCB’s 2019 constitution in December. Sethi has been leading the board on an interim basis.

Four departments and four regions will each receive a seat on the PCB board for a period of three years.

Mickey Arthur was appointed as Pakistan’s part-time director of cricket over the past six months by Sethi’s management committee.

One of the more complicated issues that preoccupied Sethi during his brief tenure was Pakistan’s hosting of the Asia Cup.

It’s connection to Pakistan’s potential participation in the World Cup is scheduled to be held in India in October-November this year.

Sethi mentioned three days ago that the Pakistani government must first approve Pakistan’s participation in the event.

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