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10 Most innovative deliveries in cricket


The game of Cricket has evolved over the years. However, there are some inventions in the bowling which has been left unsaid.

Here are some of the most innovative deliveries in the history of Cricket:

1. Knuckleball


Zaheer khan’s knuckleball is still one of the most remembered deliveries in cricket. He would push the ball with his knuckles which help in tracking the batsmen who were expecting a fastball.

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Zaheer Khan would indulge himself bowling the knuckleball wherever the situation is demanded. World Cup 2011 is a great example of one such situation where Zaheer Khan delivered his innovation resulting into some extraordinary stats and bowling figure.

According to coach Gary Kristen, “The thing I remember about Zak in the 2011 World Cup was how he developed his knuckleball that he had practised before the tournament started. He had the type of confidence that he actually used it extensively in the World Cup”

– by Shraddha Kejriwal

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