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3 Easy Stretches To Strengthen Your Back

3 Easy Stretches To Strengthen Your Back
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Back Pains are very common among people but can affect your daily movements like walking, bending, or standing. The chances of getting a sore back have increased in the past year and a half. With the Covid pandemic wreaking havoc all over the world, people are forced to work from home.

Those sitting on the couch or chair the whole day experience back pain more frequently than others. But they can be eased with the help of the right advice from the right people, like nutrition and exercise science expert, Rujuta Diwekar. 

Rujuta’s three easy back stretches will help you strengthen your back. Rujuta shared a video on her Instagram account demonstrating the three easy back stretches.

Stretch 1: Stand two steps away from a wall, facing against it. Stand straight. Lean forward by pushing your hips towards the wall. Make sure to try and take your navel levelled above your chest. Keep pushing your hips behind, and keep looking straight. If it helps, move just a little closer to the wall and then push your hips back so they can touch the touch.

By taking support of the wall, take your hips up as much as you can. Take your stomach near the thighs. Don’t drop your shoulders down, instead position them upwards. Hold the position till five counts.


Stretch 2: Stand close to the wall, this time facing the wall. Let your toes touch the wall. Keep your palms on the wall at chest level height. Slowly take one foot backward, and then the other. Make sure the distance between your feet is the same as your hip.

Then by keeping the palms as they are (placed at the wall), squeeze both your shoulders blades together. Push your chest towards the wall. Lift your head and chest up, look at the top. Slowly take your chest away from the wall and work on lifting up your navel. At the same time squeeze your hips and push them towards the wall.

Stretch 3: Again stand a few steps away from the wall, facing against it. Lift both your hands up. Squeeze your glutes in and then throw your arms back towards the wall. While doing so, open your chest out by squeezing your shoulder blades towards your glutes.

Keep pushing your arms back till they reach the wall. Hold the position till the count of five.

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