5 Funny Statements Made By Cricketers Till Date

Let's take a look at five such funny statements made by cricketers

4. Andre Russell Reveals The Reason For His Frequent Injuries

Andre Russell Funny Moments Cricket
Andre Russell (Credit: IPL)

Andre Russell is by far one of the most destructive hitters of the ball the sport has ever seen. Russell’s fearless ability to strike the long ball right from ball one often results in absolute carnage as once Russell Muscle starts scoring, it gets extremely for the opposition to stop him.

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But over the years, we’ve seen Russell struggle with knee injuries, which has resulted in him cutting down his bowling time and mainly focusing more on his batting. In relevance to his recurring knee injuries, Andre Russell had a funny take to it as to why his lower body is prone to injuries.

“I used to go to the gym and just work only on my abs and my shoulders because I wanted to look sexy for the girls. At the end of the day being sexy and then your legs being weak, don’t work,” he said.

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