5 Funny Statements Made By Cricketers Till Date

Let's take a look at five such funny statements made by cricketers

With the growing popularity of cricket in recent times, player to viewer interaction has taken a tremendous rise as back in the 1980s-1990s we wouldn’t have expected so much interaction being made by players towards its fans. With the number of Tv shows, podcasts and interviews coming into the play, each player is always in talks for the statement he or she makes.

At times these one-liners go on to make headlines in the general public. From MS Dhoni to Dwayne Bravo, every player has said some of the others which have caught our grueling attention in the past. This is why today we take a look at five such funny statements made by cricketers in the recent past.

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Let’s take a look at five such funny statements made by cricketers:

1. Dwayne Bravo’s Hilarious Reason For Starting To Play-Cricket

Dwayne Bravo Funny Moments Cricket
Dwayne Bravo (Credit: IPL)

Dwayne Bravo is one of the greatest T20 all-rounders the game has seen, having captained the West Indies side in the past to now just playing franchise cricket we’ve seen it all from the man from the Caribbean. But have you ever wondered that we would’ve never seen Dwayne Bravo play had his sports teacher not been good looking? sounds funny right? but this is nothing but the ultimate truth.

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During an interview, Dwayne Bravo revealed how he had no intentions of playing cricket but started playing the sport only cause his sports teacher was good looking or else he would’ve gone on to become a singer.

“I never wanted to be a cricketer. I wanted to be a singer, I started playing cricket because our sports teacher was hot.”

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