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5 Most Beautiful Cricket Stadiums In The World

Beautiful Cricket Stadiums
5 Most Beautiful Cricket Stadiums In The World.

Cricketers often get inspired when they in some of the most beautiful cricket stadiums in the world. Certain stadiums are hyped because of the rich history associated with it and some because of its charming scene. During the 1990s we only saw these stadiums only in countries like Australia, New Zealand and England.

However, since the game, has evolved we have seen numerous visually pleasing stadiums in the sub-continent. In the feature, we look ahead at the 5 most scenic cricket stadiums that automatically lifts everyone when a match is contested on it. Not only cricketers but also fans also look at the schedule to find out when will the matches be played at these beautiful settings.

Some of these stadiums have also become tourist destinations as enthusiasts travel from different part of the world tour their most admired cricket stadiums all around the world.

5 Most Beautiful Cricket Stadiums In The World

5. Queenstown Cricket Stadium, New Zealand

The Queenstown cricket stadium is surely one of the most stunning cricket stadiums in the world. It is located in Otago in the South Island of New Zealand. What makes this stadium unique is the artistic mountains in the framework that covers most of the city.

The stadium being extremely close to the airport, fans during matches also get to see aeroplanes taking off from close quarters that fascinates everyone. Several players while playing in the stadium for a moment must have paused and soaked in the natural beauty surrounding the stadium.

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