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7 Players Who Got Temporarily Banned From The IPL

With reasons ranging from drug abuse to ball-tampering scandals, these IPL players had to sit out from the tournament due to BCCI's ban.

The Indian Premier League is considered to be the ‘holy grail’ among all the professional T20 leagues. Ever since its inception back in 2008, it has garnered a lot of attention. Money, cheerleaders, and elite players combined into one league was bound to change the scenery of world cricket.

IPL has changed the lives of many cricketers, who have used it as a platform to reach the International level. With its widespread fame, however, came its fair share of controversies. Some of them turned out to be grave enough for BCCI to ban the players.

Here we have a look at 7 such players, who were banned from the IPL:

1) Ravindra Jadeja

Ravindra Jadeja
Photo Credit: (Twitter/CSK)

Back when Ravindra Jadeja was part of the Rajasthan Royals set-up, he was still a newcomer trying to make a name at the highest level. He became a strong player under Shane Warne, following successful performances in their games. Unfortunately, greed got the better of him.

The Saurashtra player was accused of violating the IPL rules by negotiating with other teams for higher pay. The authorities, after making necessary inquiries, unanimously agreed to ban him for 12 months.

“The ban was on account of Ravindra Jadeja not signing the renewal contract with the Rajasthan Royals and attempting, instead to negotiate a larger financial contract with some of the other IPL franchises. Thus, resulting in a serious non-adherence to the IPL player guidelines,” the IPL body had said in a statement.

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