I Have Accepted, Injuries Will Be A Part Of What I Do – Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya (Credit: Twitter)

Hardik Pandya has been an integral part of the Mumbai Indians franchise since he made his debut. The all-rounder had been away from action after the cricket world cup in 2019. Hardik had to undergo a back surgery which had been troubling him for a long time. Now, Hardik is all equipped and charged up to play for Mumbai Indians in the upcoming IPL season.

Ahead of IPL 2020, the all-rounder admitted that he has now understood that injuries will always play a part in his career. The 26-year-old has been hampered by injuries several times in his career so far, due to the immense workload he carries when he plays cricket.

Injuries Will Be Part A Part Of What I Do- Hardik Pandya

“In my life, I have realised one thing that injuries would be with me. No one wants to get injured but I accept the fact that what I do, injuries will be a part,” Pandya said in a video posted on the official Twitter handle of Mumbai Indians.

Further, Hardik explained that injuries always acts as a motivation for him and makes him apprehend that he has to put in additional hard work in his training. Hardik along with his brother Krunal was making no comprises with his training during the lockdown and were sweating it out in their home gym itself.

Lucky we have a gym at home

He further added that his goal is now to grow fitter so that automatically his skill level increase and he can perform even better in the future.

“Injuries have always kept me going, always kept me motivated, actually taught me how much I have to put hard yards and the hard work has always increased, never decreased,” he further added.

“Luckily, I and Krunal had the privilege of having a gym at home, so because of that portion, we were able to focus on our fitness, which I have always believed that if you become much fitter than what you are previously I think you can increase your skill level and adapt to lots of things which you have never seen before,” Pandya said.

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Meanwhile, Hardik Pandya is gazing forward to represent defending champs Mumbai Indians in IPL again. He is eyeing a strong comeback and once again eager to perform in the biggest T20 league in the world.

Hardik will return on the field in the season opener itself when his side takes on Chennai Super Kings on 19 September in Dubai.