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According to reports This is how much Virat Kohli earns per Instagram post

Virat Kohli, without doubt, makes tons of money, thanks to his tremendous batsmanship and captaincy. Off the field, Virat makes millions through Ad endorsements.

Virat has a huge fan following not only when he is on the field, but also on Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, thanks to his charming looks. On Instagram, he has 16.7 million followers and has posted 440 times so far.

How would you like to make money for posting on social media? Well, Virat Kohli does! As per the recent reports, the Indian captain earns a startling $500,000 (₹ 3.2 crores) per post through Instagram.

So if he has earned $500000 for half those posts, he has made over 100 million dollars only through Instagram. Kohli reportedly roped in $22 million (₹ 141.3 crores) through brand endorsement contract, out of which $19 million (₹ 122 crores) came through endorsements alone in the year 2017 alone.

In the beginning of 2017, he was the only Indian in the list of top 100 highest paid athletes revealed by Forbes. Recently, he overcame Messi to become the most marketable athlete of 2017. Can Virat”s fortune get any better?