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Aryaman Birla – The story of Rajasthan Royal”s latest buy is extremely motivational


However, one such “beta” (son) despite being the son of India”s biggest industrialist chose to find his own path and create a unique identity for himself.

His name is Aryaman Vikram Birla, the son of Kumar Mangalam Birla! The 20-year-old got a bid from Rajasthan Royals for the eleventh edition of IPL.

Speaking about his cricket journey, Aryaman told Deccan Chronicle, “I’ve played cricket my entire life. I was eight, maybe nine-years-old when I started playing. I played a lot of sports when I was very little, but cricket was the one that stood out for me. There was no definite moment when I realized I wanted to pursue it as my career; it was a natural progression from it being a hobby to now playing it professionally,”


Aryaman moved to Madhya Pradesh after not getting sufficient opportunities in Mumbai. He made his First-Class debut for MP. Talking about that, he said, “Obviously, it wasn’t easy moving away from home, but it’s a decision I’m glad I took. It was a calculated decision. The first two years weren’t easy at all, but I’ve gotten used to it now, and I love challenges. It has been different being away from home, but I take these things in my stride and move ahead.”


The youngster also made it clear that he is not much bothered about anything outside cricket. “No, my main aim was always to work on my cricket. Anything outside of it, I wasn’t bothered about much,” said Aryaman.


“I do have some personal goals, and the IPL provides for a great platform for any cricketer to showcase their skills. It’s something that’s on my mind for sure, but I’m very focused on the present and playing for the Under-23s. In all these years, I’ve learned that the process is the most important thing, and I’m just trying to concentrate on that,” he concluded.

– by Atharva Apte

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